What Libra Thinks About The Other Zodiac Signs:

  • ARIES: They are like my yin to my yang, and I love how they are always trying to do something... but they never really want to do what I suggest.
  • TAURUS: I like how we practically have the same energy, so nothing is too tiring or too boring... but I'm always the one suggesting new places because they always want to go to the same place over and over.
  • GEMINI: We're like two peas in a pod! We can practically finish each others sentences, and their humor and wit is absolutely refreshing... but I hate how they seem to always be busy when I decide to hit them up.
  • CANCER: They are so adorable and a bit quirky, and they always want to just chill together... but they can get really demanding at times.
  • LEO: They are so sweet and sincere all while being fun without feeling like they're being needy . They are just really easy to talk to... but they really need to consider that their way isn't always the right way.
  • VIRGO: We're a lot alike, maybe too much alike, so I guess this is why we feel pretty comfortable around each other... but because of this similarity, we can sometimes be at odds with each other.
  • SCORPIO: I think they can be a bit lazy, stubborn, and quite boring... but I love their loyalty and how they stick with their guns.
  • SAGITTARIUS: They are so enthusiastic, and I love how they take things easy and just want to have fun... but they can be a bit too garish at times.
  • CAPRICORN: Their dark humor can be a bit off putting, and their pessimism seems like they are just complaining... but they're still pretty cool and interesting, and they their idea of fun is actually refreshingly different.
  • AQUARIUS: We both know that the more the merrier, so even if we don't usually hang out one on one, they are just as exciting and entertaining... but we're often thrown into a debate because they can be stubborn and opinionated.
  • PISCES: They're my best friend, my other half. We understand each other so well... but sometimes it can get a little stagnant because we can't decide what to do.
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